The Countless Benefits of Float Therapy

Float therapy, which has been around since the 1950s, is much different than it was in the past — and much better understood.

Scientific studies have shown float therapy can positively impact everything from anxiety and fibromyalgia to creativity and even meditative insight.

Brain-imaging research has shown floating creates significant changes in brain activity, especially with those areas associated with attention and stress.

The bottom line, according to the article: floating is found to lower blood pressure, symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, depression and more.

While people float for all kinds of reasons, most seem to float for one reason: stress reduction (and let’s face it: these days, we’re all too stressed!).

While the price tag might deter you, users say that if you make floating a part of your regular routine, you’ll notice compounding positive effects. And can you really put a price on your health?

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