First Timers

People Try Sensory Deprivation Tanks For The First Time

Watch as first-timers experience the healing powers of float therapy. Anxious but curious, expressing concern over not having access to their phones for such a long period of time, which they point out is part of the chaos and stress that we as humans are constantly surrounded by. There is also discussion on how deep into your subconscious you will sink once inside of the tank. After being briefed on the process, the first-timers are ready for their float therapy experience. After two hours in the tank, the recall their experience of opening the door as being “born again”. After being asked about their experience, they described the first few minutes as being stressful because they were thinking about emails, errands etc. However, moments later were able to release and be present in the moment, which allowed them to completely connect with their own minds. One participant describes her experience by saying “Because the water is the same temperature as your body, you kind of lose your body so you’re just a brain….just your breath, a heartbeat, and nothing else.” The biggest takeaway from the experience seems to be the lack of interest in jumping straight back on their phones, the realization that being alone with your thoughts is unbelievably beneficial.

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