A Gift That Rejuvenates the Soul and Restores the Mind and Body

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas cheer is all around; shoppers have taken over downtown Kingston’s streets; holiday parties (and the less-than-sprightly mornings that follow) are in full swing and all the children are eagerly awaiting Santa’s arrival.

Feeling overwhelmed yet?

We thought you might be.

Here at Immerse, we’ve decided to make the sometimes stressful act of giving gift giving as easy as a walk in the (snow-filled) park.

This December, you can purchase three floats for just $150, giving a whole new meaning to “a gift that keeps on giving.”

Why Float?

Float therapy, which surged in popularity throughout 2017, has the incredible potential to help boost mental clarity and ease physical aches and pains.

The Epsom salts in the tanks combat hypertension (which, let’s face it: we have a lot of this time of year); pain from arthritis and back issues; muscle soreness and even help with all those sleepless nights spent tossing and turning as our minds constantly review our endless holiday to-do lists.

There are countless mental benefits, as well. Research has shown floating can decrease those pesky stress-related chemicals in our brains that make us feel sluggish, anxious and irritable.

With our Christmas special, we’ve made it easy and affordable for you to check a number of people off your list, so instead of scrambling around batting other last-minute shoppers, you can focus on what really matters: spending time with loved ones.

You can book instore or online using our new online booking system, found here: https://immerse.floathelm.com/

Merry Christmas, floaters!

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