Intro To Floating

This video from the TrueRest float spa will give you a detailed breakdown of float therapy for beginners. The float tank was invented in the 1950’s by Dr. John C. Lilly who was researching brain waves and the subconscious. The weightlessness provided by a high concentration of salts will lull your body and mind into a state of physical and mental clarity. Since such a heavy detoxification process occurs within the tank, many new users will be tired after their first few floats. There are multiple positions you can lay in within the float tank, just ensure to relax and choose a position that is most comfortable for you. It is very important not to move when in the tank as your mind is separating itself from your body (also avoid splashing so salt does not get in your eyes). Count your breaths to help you sink farther into your mental subconscious. As you begin to relax, your brain will shirt to a theta-wave-state, which is a slower but more powerful cognitive process where the brain is able to have larger memory storage and creativity is enhanced. Studies have shown that chronic pain can be reduced by 40-60% during your first float and up to 80-90% relief by the third float. Cherish your alone time and allow your body to fully connect with your mental strength.

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