A Lesson From Joe Rogan

*Some adult language

Joe Rogan describes the float therapy tank experience as layers of an onion. During the first few float sessions, only the outer layers of your personal “onion” are reached and the reach of those layers are increased with increased use of the tanks. As you get more comfortable with the experience, you will be able to let go of stress and dive deeper and deeper into your subconscious. The first portion of Joe’s time spent in the tank is spent thinking about his life and personal issues that need fixing. He also takes times to reflect on his behavior and areas for improvement. Then he begins to fully relax and settles in to the experience, like his mind completely untethers from his body. While “contemplating the universe…and the role of human beings” he is able to open his mind to deeper forms of cognitive thinking, without his body being “in the way”. The stigma that float therapy faces because it is so new, in Joe’s opinion, should not prevent people from trying a new life-changing experience. Float therapy is an amazing tool for exploring your mind and connecting with your true thoughts and feelings. Since the benefits are so well-rounded, every individual can reap the rewards of sensory-deprivation float therapy.

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