Float Nation: A Revolutionary Way To Relax

A Documentary By Float Nation

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Getting ready to begin a new school term is often stressful and a financial burden. It can create tension in your body and cloud your mind. Immerse has the perfect solution to release stress, promote well-being and stimulate your mind. Our new student pricing delivers a worry free, financially affordable solution while you are in school.

A Gift That Rejuvenates the Soul and Restores the Mind and Body

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas cheer is all around; shoppers have taken over downtown Kingston’s streets; holiday parties (and the less-than-sprightly mornings that follow) are in full swing and all the children are eagerly awaiting Santa’s arrival.

Feeling overwhelmed yet?

We thought you might be.

Here at Immerse, we’ve decided to make the sometimes stressful act of giving gift giving as easy as a walk in the (snow-filled) park.

Is Self-Care on Your To-Do List This Holiday Season?

The Christmas season is upon us…the frenzied time of year that always seems to sneak up on us too quickly.

Between all the shopping, baking, housework, meal preparation, dinner parties and Christmas card writing, self-care — perhaps one of the most essential things this time of year — always seems to fall to the bottom of our seemingly endless to-do lists.

It shouldn’t.

There’s a likely chance you’ve heard the common proverb, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” It’s a rather whimsical way of saying if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others.

A First-Time Floater

Rob Price, a writer for Business Insider UK, decided to give float therapy – which he describes as, “A far-out procedure that’s part-physiotherapy, part-new age spirit journey, part-relaxation technique”— a try.

In the pods, he says, you can’t feel your body, or even the water surrounding you. Noise is kept to a minimum, leaving users with only the sounds of their heart beating and their breathing.

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