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Float Therapy

Float Therapy

Experience a type of relaxation like none other: stepping into our float pods promises you a pause from the chaos of life – all the cell phones, the constant noise, the screens and all the meetings. The pods create a serene world for unadulterated pleasure; they’re a luxurious escape you won’t soon forget.

After just one float session, it’s possible you’ll notice decreased anxiety and worry, pain relief, and improved sleep. Even better? The benefits of float therapy can only improve over time, so make sure you return for future soothing sessions.

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Oxygen Bar

Oxygen Bar

Oxygen is the key to life; the source of our vitality.

Immerse Spa brings you a way to stimulate your senses.

Oxygen therapy – which has existed since the 1990s — boasts mental and physical benefits. It’s no wonder it has become a staple in the health and wellness communities; oxygen therapy is the perfect way to recharge your batteries after a long day. It will refresh your blood stream and eliminate any toxins your body has accumulated.

Enjoy a two-in-one treatment of oxygen therapy and aromatherapy using our top-quality equipment.

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Float Nation: A Revolutionary Way To Relax

A Documentary By Float Nation

Just Another Day At The Spa
Immerse Yourself
Pods And Shower Stalls
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Getting Ready To Float
Getting Into The Tank
Inside The Spa   Immerse
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Float Breath Relax Immerse Spa
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    Cleaning protocols have tightened up at immerse, we have always strove to be clean now we get to shine:

  • 2 pods operating in off hours to ensure minimal people in lobby
  • After each float the room/pod/shower get completely pressure washed down with peroxide, similar method was used during SARS outbreak
  • Each touch point (shampoo handles, door handles etc) are then further sprayed down with a medical grade disinfectant
  • The water circulates for 45 minutes through ozone, and UV, at 40% salt it is its own steralization (hence the Dead Sea being called the Dead Sea)
  • In our lobby we have eliminated all touch points (Water cooler, tea, oxygen bar temporarily)
  • Upon arrival please wear your mask to enter, we offer a selection of items for your float to eliminate contamination, and ensure we are only offering sterilized objects ex ear plugs, hair dryer etc
  • We are running a UV filter through our HVAC to ensure highest air quality
  • After each intro or client arrival we disinfect the Bathroom after each use
  • Our therapist rooms has a seperate entrance to ensure safety
  • We saw the city standards, and as always decided to go above and beyond, you come in to destress and boost your immune system, we only want to aid in your peace.