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Meet Aftab

Aftab completed his Masters in Physiotherapy (neuro-rehabilitation) in 2009. He practiced physiotherapy primarily in musculoskeletal and neuro rehab for 6 years before moving to Canada. He then practiced briefly in Canada before venturing into Clinical Research. He completed post grad diploma in clinic research and has been involved in Research for number of years. Physical health has always been Aftab’s primary interest. He advocates the strength of proper body mechanics and movements. He believes in considering individual as a whole while addressing their musculoskeletal problems. His other strong interests are fitness and performance. He is a CanFitPro certified personal trainer.

Movement Philosophy

“I strongly believe that our bodies are like invaluable tools, helping us tackle and enjoy all sorts of everyday activities. It’s crucial for us to treat our bodies with respect, understanding their needs, and providing the care they truly deserve. After all, they’re not just useful; they’re essential for a fulfilling life.”

Mariah Wong

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    The Benefits to Physiotherapy.

    Physiotherapy offers a multitude of benefits that extend beyond mere pain relief. From enhancing mobility and flexibility to promoting overall well-being, the advantages of physiotherapy are vast:

    1. Pain Management: Physiotherapy techniques effectively alleviate pain stemming from various conditions, injuries, or chronic issues, enabling individuals to lead more comfortable lives.

    2. Improved Mobility: Through targeted exercises and manual therapy, physiotherapy enhances joint mobility and flexibility, enabling individuals to move with greater ease and confidence.

    3. Injury Rehabilitation: Whether recovering from a sports injury or surgery, physiotherapy plays a pivotal role in the rehabilitation process, facilitating a safe and efficient return to optimal function.

    4. Prevention of Future Injuries: Physiotherapy not only addresses current ailments but also focuses on identifying and correcting underlying issues to prevent future injuries and improve long-term health outcomes.

    5. Enhanced Quality of Life: By promoting proper body mechanics, movement patterns, and postural alignment, physiotherapy empowers individuals to enjoy an active lifestyle and pursue their passions with vigor.

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