Float Therapy

Total tranquility is just one float away.

What Is Float Therapy?

If you’re hoping to unearth physical relief and mental clarity, float therapy is for you. Just one session can offer a myriad of mental and physical benefits – you’ll stress less and sleep better, for starters.

As with any form of therapy, everyone reacts differently to the process, so be receptive to your body’s response. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to ask us any questions if you have them.

How Float Therapy Works

The magnesium from the salts is absorbed through your skin, while toxins and heavy metals are eliminated from your system. You’ll leave feeling re-energized. Users have informed us that after just one hour of peaceful meditation in the float pod, they’re able to concentrate better, and their creativity is heightened. They also report feeling less strained.

The tranquil experience is unlike any other. The Epsom salts combat hypertension; arthritis; back issues; muscle fatigue; and insomnia. In addition to physical benefits, there are also mental benefits. Research proves the experience of floating can change the brain’s chemistry by increasing the amount of endorphins produced, while decreasing stress-related chemicals. This helps the brain deal with the daily pressures so many people face today.

Floating has the power to heal the body from the inside out. In fact, the physical and mental benefits of just one hour in a float tank is the equivalent to four to six hours of sleep.

The Restorative Benefits of Floating

Float therapy — which is complementary to many other medical treatments — can help users increase their blood circulation; lower their recovery time; manage chronic pain; and improve their immune system function. Many users also notice they perform better athletically. These physical benefits have been proven to increase over time with therapy.

Through the exploration of float therapy in one of our pods, you’ll experience less stress and a satiating sense of total ecstasy. You’ll also notice increased creativeness, reaction time, and more restful sleep — and that’s something we all need more of these days.

Increased Blood Circulation
During the float process, your joints and muscles completely release and relax. Especially helpful for anyone with chronic pain, this increases your blood flow to decrease healing times and can allow your body to repair muscle quickly.
Lower Recovery Time
Injuries such as sprained ankles and pulled muscles have been proven to heal up to two times faster thanks to increased healing speeds from the use of float tank therapy.
Pain Management
Float tanks can correct spine misalignment issues, provide relief from fibromyalgia and arthritis, and help with chronic pain issues – specifically back and neck pain. To maximize full pain management benefits, float therapy can be combined with exercise or relief methods like yoga and registered massage therapy.
Immune Systems Functions
Your body’s ability to shift to a higher level of system response within the float pod is tremendous. With accelerated rest and recuperation, your immune system will recharge and help fight off any illness.
Athletic Training
With the use of float therapy, athletes can push themselves farther in their regimes. With immune systems recharged and lactic acid being expelled from the body, recovery times are virtually eliminated so athletes can maintain their routine at peak physical shape.
Stress Reduction

The constant stimulation around us often makes it impossible to escape anxiety. Enter the float pod, which offers users a complete lack of external stimuli. As such, they are able to experience tranquility and inner peace.

Floating also perfectly complements other personal-wellness plans.

Increased Creativity

The trance-like state the body succumbs to through meditation can open the creative flow within your mind. The euphoric feelings triggered through float therapy has been proven to significantly increase creative inspiration.

Increased Reaction Time

Days after the process of float therapy, guests have shown to have increased reaction times during their day-to-day life. The stress-relieving qualities leave lasting effects on the body’s internal systems.

Sleep Schedule Maintenance

Sleep disorders like insomnia have shown to be lessened when the use of float therapy is brought into an individual’s routine. Float pods can give the brain the break it needs to reset itself and to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Jet-lag can also be relieved through float therapy, so it great for a person who travels often.


Brain chemistry can be positively affected within the pods by enabling the body to release dopamine and other hormones. This leads to a pleasant state of euphoric relaxation.

In Conclusion

A low-gravity, anti-stimuli environment gives your system the chance it needs to recover from daily stressors and stimuli. When your body and mind are able to fully relax, you are able to combat the negative physical and mental effects that all too often hold us back.

Individuals dealing with deeper psychological issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder or severe depression, have also been helped through the healing properties of float therapy.

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