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We didn’t invent bath bombs — we just made them better.

Sensa Stone was founded with a rebellious spirit and noble cause: to help people help themselves through powerful, natural innovation. With strong foundations in float therapy, we already knew how immersive alchemized salt soaks could liberate the body and free the mind. We saw our clients emerge from their float sessions, renewed. It was an experience we wanted to allow people to take home. We also saw a unique opportunity: to combine this experience with the scientifically backed power of CB2TM terpenes to give people a truly relaxing, restorative experience.

The result: the first ever CB2TM Terpene infused bath bomb. We’re thrilled to be able to share it with you.

How Sensa Stones Work

It’s simple. We combine CB2TM Terpenes as well as essential oils, MCT Oils and our own high quality and concentration Magnesium salts to create potent and safe Sensa Stones. All you have to do is place your stone in your bath, and then let it work it’s magic — except it’s not magic at all. While you’re soaking away the stress of the day, our unique and powerful formulation is rejuvenating and revitalizing your mind and body.

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