Cold Therapy with Immerse Chillers Cold Tubs

The cold tub is the first residential cold tub to self circulate the waters and maintain temperature while ensuring water sterilization! It has a compact design for easy portability, you too can experiences blissful cold water at home, when you want it!

No ice, no refills, just clear, cold, salt infused waters!

What is Cold Thermogenesis (CT)?

CT is the practice of intentionally exposing parts of the body to cold to induce an adaptive, beneficial hermetic response.


Years of research have shown that cold exposure can cause a significant increase in metabolism and calorie-burning, increase insulin sensitivity, reduce systemic inflammation, improve sleep and recovery, and potentially fight certain types of cancer. Here are just some of the benefits to Cold Thermogenesis:

  • Weight Loss

  • Pain relief

  • Concussion recovery 

  • Mental fortitude 

  • Muscle recovery

  • Immune boosting

  • Stress and anxiety relief

  • Increased thermogenesis

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